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Believe in Holiday Magic!

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Hello! I hope you are doing well through these unprecedented times. Ever since COVID-19 hit our world, the number of people struggling with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and mental health issues has spiked. The truth is these issues can impact any of us, especially during the holiday season.

Labeling yourself as a person with depression, substance abuse, or anxiety, is only going to discourage you! You are simply a human being going through a challenge right now. Have strength and faith in yourself, and you can overcome anything!

Ways to beat the potential holiday blues:

Reach out for support: Be sure to contact your family members and friends, particularly now that the holidays are here, to catch up on what they were doing. It always helps improve your mood. For me, I am helping my parents decorate our house for the holidays and cleaning my room as well. 

Reboot your mood: It might not be for everyone but clearing your mind from everything and merely resetting your mind can definitely help with anything that you are going through. Take your time to make a list of things that you are going to do for yourself for the holidays as part of your self-care. Making a list can not only help you get busy, but it can also give you satisfaction and relaxation when you have completed the items on it. Embrace the holiday season and the joy it brings. It will help improve your attitude!

Get excited: Thinking about the magical things and events that might happen during the holiday season can also help your mood. Keeping yourself busy with the events, tasks, or duties on hand can make you forget about times you don’t enjoy remembering.

Go and Do: Activities such as reading (I recommend The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman), exercising, walking, or browsing through stores like Hobby Lobby (I love to buy and look at miniature objects and jewelry from Hobby Lobby – it makes me satisfied and happy!) can have an enormous effect in your daily life by improving your mood. Get excited, it will put joy in your heart!

We are all in this together: Numerous people across the globe are going through depression and anxiety due to COVID-19, just remember that you’re not the only one (there is strength in numbers)! Some people that I know have gone through depression, and I am sometimes anxious and depressed myself when certain events come up. As the holiday season is upon us, now more than ever it is important to remember that you are not the only one, especially if you are feeling alone or sad.  Just know you can beat the potential holiday blues if you think positive―and just believe in the magical joy of the holidays!

~ GL is a guest blogger and a student from Southern Virginia

RPSV is here: This time of year can be difficult for many. RPSV reminds you that you are not alone. If you need someone to talk to, we are here for you. Please join us at our Centers, call our Warm Line, or participate in our weekly support groups. Learn more at Rpsva.org RPSV Cares!

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