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Depression isn’t just a word. It’s something that can consume your life. It feels like an invisible entity on your shoulder that tells you everything wrong with you. It knows your weaknesses and it knows how to exploit them. Depression feels like a black hole and the harder it pulls, the harder it is to get away. It can be beaten though!

The thing about Depression is that it’s just like the final boss in a video game, you have the advantage if you want it. You don’t have to fight it by yourself. Talking to family or friends about your depression weakens the hold it has on you. Something as simple as going on walks or cleaning your room is huge in making you feel better. Simple steps add up quickly too.

When I was deeply depressed I couldn’t do anything. Everything felt too heavy to do, so I started talking to my friends about it and they helped me get out of bed and clean my room. We would get out of the house at least four times a week and it reminded me of what I love. Then I started treating myself well by making homemade food or doing other things I enjoyed. They helped me fight the monster that loved to keep me in a cage called my bed.

Eventually, it was all in the past and I started to feel like myself again. Now I wake up and look forward to doing things. All those little steps added up and made me grow as a person both mentally and physically. I know it can’t be fixed overnight, but if you keep fighting, you can’t lose.

Depression isn’t a big bad monster who can’t be tamed, it’s a mean little bully who you let have power. Take back your power and keep fighting. I’m certainly glad I did.

Grace Caitlyn, a Twelfth Grade Guest Blogger

RPSV welcomes guest bloggers who want to share their thoughts on such topics as mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, depression, and anxiety. We are so impressed with Grace because she is so wise at such a young age. Depression can be tamed as she shared. If you need help, reach out, RPSV is here to help. Our programs and services are designed to assist you with whatever you are facing. Visit rpsva.org or call (800) 374-4198 to learn more.

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