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Get Your Groove Back! Finding Your Self Confidence When You Are Struggling With Depression

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When battling depression, it is hard to find the willpower to bolster your self-confidence. Often, low
self-esteem and depression go hand in hand but by taking some small steps you can build your self-esteem and gain the confidence you need to improve your self-image. Seeing yourself in a positive light is important for overall mental well-being. Often, it’s mistakenly thought that big steps are necessary to
overcome esteem issues and depression but declaring victory in the war is most times a matter of
winning small battles along the way. The same holds for self-confidence that focusing on the small stuff
can help you learn how to love yourself for you who are and find the peace to overcome.

Celebrate Even the Small Accomplishments

Take one moment at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself by only focusing on the big picture. By doing
this, you may find it difficult to find the motivation to get through the day. So, instead of only being
concerned with the big milestones, celebrate the small accomplishments every day. Did you wake up
and make the perfect cup of coffee today, arrive to work 5 minutes early, or cross off a few tasks from
the to-do list? No matter how small the achievement, be proud of yourself.

Learn From Failures

Everyone fails at some point in life, it’s inevitable. What differs is the reaction to those failures. The
action may have failed but that doesn’t mean the person is a failure. Remember this and instead of
focusing on the failure, discover what you can learn from it and try again. Acts of failure do not define
you as a person. More importantly, failing is a part of success because it gets you closer to what you
intend to accomplish. Each failure is a learning experience; giving you the tools you need to succeed.
Sometimes just finding the courage to try is a win itself, remember this!

Surround Yourself with Positivity

The environment around you can affect your mental well-being. To build your self-confidence, surround
yourself with people and things that bring you joy and lift your spirits. Decorate your surroundings with
things that make you feel happy: this could be inspirational quotes or positive affirmations, décor in
your favorite colors, photographs of family and friends, or even trinkets that bring you fond memories.
Keep in touch with family or friends who encourage you and bring a positive influence to your day.

Rediscover Hobbies You Love

While suffering from depression, it is easy to overlook the activities and hobbies you once had. To help
boost your spirits, start with making a list of activities or interests that you once loved or things you still
want to accomplish. Once you have your list complete, start getting back to those hobbies or taking the
necessary steps to achieve long-term goals but remember to take it one day at a time and celebrate the
small achievements along the way!

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

You are trying to build your own self-confidence and find a way to love who you are, so go ahead and
look yourself in the mirror and say, “I can do this.” Don’t rely on positive affirmations from parents,
supervisors, co-workers, or friends…go ahead and compliment yourself!
Remember, winning the small battles every day gets you closer to overcoming the war, and if along the
way you need help, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask. Battles are won by people working together to
help each other along the journey. Everyone can use a little help now and then, it’s okay to ask.

Guest Blogger – Erica L.

Author: Steph O. Website Administration