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Support Our Food Drive and Help Adults in Need!

RPSV’s pantries are running low, and we urgently need your support to provide meals for hundreds of homeless and low-income adults experiencing food insecurity in Fairfax and Arlington Counties.

Join us in making a difference in your community!

Your donations can include:

Apple sauce
Brown rice
Canned beans
Canned chicken/chicken in packets
Canned fruit in juice (not in light or heavy syrup)
Canned stews
Canned tomatoes
Canned tuna in water/tuna in packets
Canned vegetables
Chicken, beef, and vegetable broths and stock
Cold cereals
Dried fruits (no sugar added)
Dry beans
Extra virgin olive oil
Granola bars
Large, canned meals (e.g., spaghetti and meatballs or stews)
Lunch meats
Packaged waffles, pancakes, and other breakfast items
Pancake syrup
Pasta sauce
Peanut butter, or other nut butters
Rolled oats or oatmeal in packets
Salt and pepper
Shelf-stable milk and milk substitutes
Snack packs of chips
Cases of water
Whole grain pasta
Other items of your choosing

Why We Need Your Help

The demand for our meals program has increased, and we strive to ensure that no adult goes hungry. By donating to our food drive, you directly support individuals who rely on us for nutritious meals. Together, we can alleviate hunger and provide much-needed nourishment to those in need.

How You Can Help

Consider donating non-perishable food items and essential supplies at any of our five Recovery Centers during work hours. Your generosity will directly impact the lives of homeless and low-income adults in Fairfax and Arlington Counties.

In addition to food items, we also greatly appreciate donations of:

Hand soap
Paper plates
Paper towels
Plastic gloves

Spread the Word!

Help us make a larger impact by sharing this food drive with your friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can combat food insecurity in our community.

Contact Us

For more information about the food drive or any inquiries, please email [email protected]. Your support and contributions are deeply appreciated!