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Treat Your Loved One in Recovery with a Just-Because Gift of Health and Wellness

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When searching for a gift for someone who is in recovery for addiction, the best gift you can give is something that helps them get stronger and healthier – both mentally and physically. Addiction recovery is an ongoing process, and the best way you can support them is to help them continue on a healthier path. Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia offers a few positive life changes that help in recovery and how you can give a gift that helps.

Gifts for Fitness

Whether your loved one already has an active hobby they enjoy or they need a little encouragement, a gift that helps with physical fitness will have benefits to mind and body. Exercising is truly like a form of medicine because it not only gets you in better shape so you feel better physically, but exercise also releases endorphins, giving a natural “high” feeling. So by encouraging them to move, they can relieve stress and have a positive mood boost. Having an exercise routine is also a great distraction as they rebuild their lives and replace old habits from addiction with healthy new ones.

Gifts that help with fitness can be as simple as some stylish new workout clothes made for performance or a trendy water bottle, or they can be high tech like a fitness tracker or specialty athletic headphones. Exercise isn’t limited to running or going to the gym either. Help them get into hiking or other outdoor sports where they can get in some physical fitness and the healing experience of being in nature at the same time. 

Gifts for Self-Care

While fitness and nutrition form the foundation for living healthier and stronger, helping someone stay strong emotionally is about more than the basics. Everyone needs self-care, and for someone in recovery, taking some time for themselves to relax or simply enjoy life is absolutely crucial to staying strong and sober. For everyday self-care, give relaxing spa bath products or a soothing candle or tea.

Of course, you can also focus on gifts that help with basic overall self-care habits like getting enough sleep, tending to oral health, and taking care of their skin. 

If your loved one is finally getting more sleep, you can help enhance their sleep with gifts like a weighted blanket, a sound machine, essential oils or even offering to paint their bedroom a soothing color. Some types of substance abuse can lead to issues with the mouth and skin. For a loved one who can use a self-esteem boost for their skin, offer to take them to an esthetician, or purchase an array of quality skincare products that feel luxurious. 

Just like skin issues can arise, so do mouth problems, which is why your loved one must maintain proper oral hygiene. Gift a top-of-the-line toothbrush or water flosser, or even offer to help cover the cost of having their teeth straightened. Those with minor overcrowding of the teeth can benefit from budget-friendly at-home alignment treatments. For example, byte sells an affordable, clear aligner treatment that uses vibration technology to straighten teeth in half the time of braces. Whatever you decide to do, know that encouraging your loved ones to practice self-care will further support their recovery. 

Gifts for Good Nutrition

Just like exercise, good nutrition is a key part of living healthier and stronger in recovery. According to The Fix, good nutrition is essential to recovery because proper nutrients give your body energy, repair organ, and tissue damage, and boost the immune system. Good nutrition not only helps someone in recovery feel better physically, but it also helps with emotional balance; just like exercise, it’s another win-win for building a healthier life. 

So how do you give good nutrition? If your friend or family member is new to cooking, or even if they love to cook and would enjoy learning new skills, consider the gift of a cooking class. Going to a cooking class has the added benefit of being a social activity where they can meet other people who also care about healthy living, which could be a great part of their support network. A foodie would also enjoy gifts like a new cutting board, a kitchen appliance like a blender or digital pressure cooker, or even an herb grower. 

Whatever you choose, whether it helps with physical strength, emotional strength, or both, giving something that promotes your loved one’s well being is a gift that will last a lifetime. It can help them stay on the sober track and continue on the path to recovery stronger than ever.


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