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Volunteering For The Holidays Helps You Too

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  • Monika Taylor
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I am dedicating this holiday season to volunteering. I don’t know how successful I am going to be but I’m desperate to inject a little life into my holiday season. With COVID-19 shutting down any chance I have of going out and about, I am working hard to figure out how to volunteer for the holidays.

Volunteering for the holidays is a way to give thanks and to celebrate the holiday season. Volunteering is a great coping tool that helps build my confidence and calm. You can always volunteer as a way to bring cheer to the people around you.

Food banks become even more important during the holiday season. Making sure that food banks are well stocked and well-manned ensures that no one goes hungry. With COVID-19 restricting in-person volunteering, it is even more important to donate to food banks (think healthy foods like peanut butter and low-sodium canned goods).

Making donations is especially important this time of the year too. Thrift stores are taking donations during COVID-19 and this is a great opportunity for you to get some holiday cleaning done. Warm coats and toys really make an impact during this time of the year. Donations can be made through online scheduling at such places as Green Drop (gogreendrop.com).

I’m relying on Volunteer Fairfax (volunteerfairfax.com) to find the perfect opportunity to give back. They have tons of opportunities even during COVID-19.

Another great resource for volunteering this holiday season is Action for Happiness (actionforhappiness.org). Their December calendar has amazing ideas for ways to volunteer. I’m hoping to fill up my December calendar this year with fulfilling volunteer opportunities. Make sure to celebrate the holidays this year by volunteering too!

RPSV encourages you to volunteer. It is a great way to give back and helps you focus on others. RPSV has several fun volunteer opportunities to choose from too. Learn more at volunteermatch.org and search for Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia, Inc. You can find our volunteer application here: rpsva.org/volunteer.

~Anonymous, an RPSV guest blogger and friend

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Author: Monika Taylor