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RPSV supports adults with mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness issues across Northern Virginia (with Drop-In Recovery Centers in Annandale, Arlington, Merrifield, Reston, and South County, Alexandria).
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Recovery Centers
RPSV’s Recovery Centers in Annandale, Alexandria, Arlington, Merrifield, and Reston are now open. Visit us today.

RPSV’s 11 weekly virtual telehealth support groups
and our Warm Line phone support continue
for those who prefer virtual assistance
at this time.
Recovery Centers
Join Us.

Do you have untapped potential? Be a part of our amazing team. Check out our opportunities.
"We are who we serve."
Business Support Groups
Host a free and customizable (mental health) support group session with your team members to help them work through the stressors of COVID-19 as a collective. Learn more about this free program here!
Business Support Groups
Mental Health Screening
Take a mental health screening today!
Mental Health Screening
10 Year Anniversary
RPSV is celebrating 10 years of service 2021. In the last decade, RPSV has helped ~100,000 Northern Virginians seeking recovery. Join us as we celebrate throughout the year.
10 Year Anniversary
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RPSV has reopened all sites, Annandale Consumer Wellness Center,  Arlington Peers Helping Peers in Recovery, Merrifield Peer Recovery Center, Reston Wellness Center, and South County Alexandria Recovery and Drop In Center, on a limited basis following CDC guidelines.

Please note, each participant will be screened and their temperature will be taken before entry into the center is allowed. Participants must also wear masks while visiting our centers. This is to ensure the safety of you and all who work at and visit the facility. Thank you for your understanding!

RPSV’s online programming continues to serve those who prefer virtual support at this time.

Welcome to Recovery Program Solutions of
Virginia (RPSV)

RPSV’s mission is to bring new life and a fresh spark to community mental health and addiction recovery programs. Our programs are designed to:

  • Maximize consumer self-determination and recovery
  • Promote access to treatment, maximize participant self-determination
  • Focus on decreasing dependence on psychiatric hospitalizations

RPSV is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 to support adults with mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness issues across Northern Virginia. RPSV operates five drop-in Recovery Centers (located in Annandale, Arlington, Merrifield, Reston, and South County Alexandria) which serve ~9,000 adults annually, many of whom use our services many times throughout the year. Our oldest participant is 84, and ~35% of those we serve are veterans. Our programs are free to the public.

A Focus on Recovery

RPSV’s tagline is “we are those we serve”. This is because Individuals who have recovered from their mental illnesses and substance abuse issues staff RPSV. This unique aspect is what opens the door to growth and healing by RPSV participants as they discover our safe, nonjudgmental, peer-supported facilities. RPSV offers a myriad of programs and services including one-on-one and peer support groups, referrals to housing and financial assistance, access to free eye exams, employment assistance, and much more.

We promote a process of change that allows individuals to improve their health and wellness, live a meaningful, self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Join us! Please call (800) 374-4198 for more information today!

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