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Welcome to Joy of Discovery

At Joy of Discovery, we believe in the transformative power of exploration and the celebration of every individual’s journey towards recovery. Our group is a safe and supportive space where we embark on a profound exploration of the pathways to recovery from all of life’s challenges, including mental health, substance use, and addictive behaviors. We understand that each person’s experience is unique, and we honor the diverse avenues to healing and renewal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a place where you can freely discuss, share, and learn about the various aspects of recovery. We recognize that the road to recovery is not linear and can be a challenging process, but we firmly believe that it is also a journey of discovery. Recovery is about much more than overcoming difficulties; it is about finding new joys, new interests, and new ways of being. It is about unveiling a new you that is stronger, wiser, and more resilient than ever before.

What We Offer

  • A Supportive Community: Joy of Discovery is more than just a group; it’s a community of individuals who understand and support one another on their recovery journeys. Here, you’ll find people who listen without judgment, offer compassion, and share their own experiences.
  • Inspiring Discussions: Our group discussions cover a wide range of topics related to recovery, self-discovery, and personal growth. You’ll have the opportunity to explore different approaches to recovery and gain valuable insights that can help you along your path.
  • Weekly Meetings: Join us every Tuesday at 7 pm to engage in our weekly gatherings. These meetings are a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other, and find inspiration to continue your own journey of self-discovery.
  • Empowerment: We believe in the power of self-empowerment, and our group is designed to help you discover your inner strength and resilience. We aim to provide you with the tools and knowledge to take control of your recovery and personal growth.

Join Us

If you’re ready to explore the pathways to recovery and embark on a journey of self-discovery, we invite you to join us every Tuesday at 7 pm. Whether you’re just starting your recovery journey or have been on it for some time, our group welcomes all with open arms.

Discover the joy of recovery, the beauty of self-discovery, and the strength of a supportive community at Joy of Discovery. Together, we can help you find your new joys, interests, and ways of being—the new you that’s waiting to emerge.