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Peer Recovery Specialists Needed as Volunteer Warm Line Operators

Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia (RPSV) operates a virtual Warm Line Monday to Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

RPSV is a peer run organization, where volunteers bring a breadth and depth of knowledge acquired through their lived experience mental health, substance use or homelessness challenges. This experience allows them to provide support and guidance to the individuals they serve from a place of empathy and understanding. In essence, we are those we serve.
RPSV is seeking skilled and trained Peer Recovery Specialists to operate the RPSV Warm Line. Those selected will receive the required supervised 500 hours of Peer Recovery Specialist experience needed to become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. You will receive your full required hours in the necessary domains: Advocacy, Ethical Responsibility, Mentoring/Education, Recovery/Wellness Support.
Warm Line Operators are expected to provide culturally competent, trauma-informed, strengths-based, person-centered peer support to individuals who are struggling with mental health, substance use and/or homelessness challenges as well as providing referrals to resources when needed.
Principal Responsibilities and Duties:
Receiving calls in a private location to ensure the confidentiality of the caller;
Being empathetic and actively listening to the callers needs using active/deep listening skills;
Using a person-centered approach, where one focuses on the immediate needs of the caller;
Self-disclosing when appropriate, when caller is comfortable with such disclosure and disclosure stays within original needs of the caller;
Using recovery principles and the skills acquired in your training to meet the caller where they are in their own recovery journey;
De-escalating callers in crisis by providing appropriate interventions, including warm transfers to CrisisLink, PRS if necessary;
Identifying callers needs and referring them to resources when appropriate, while providing support with follow-up and self-advocacy when needed;
Making follow-up and check-in calls when requested and not on active calls;
Compiling and updating resources for assigned localities;
Logging all calls in the database (accessible via internet browser).
Main Requirements for Warm Line Operators:
RPSV Warm Line Operator Training offered through RPSV;
Group and one-on-one supervision with the Warm Line Coordinator;
Ability to serve on the Warm Line for a minimum of 6 months or longer (depending on time required to earn the 500 experience hours to become Certified Peer Recovery Specialist).
Qualifications and Skills Required to Become a Warm Line Operator:
Successful completion of the 72-hour DBHDS-Approved Peer Recovery Specialist Training;
Demonstration and working knowledge of peer support, recovery principles, WRAP, Trauma Informed Peer Support, cultural competency and active/deep listening and de-escalation skills;
Ability to model peer support and empower callers to make their own choices, while providing appropriate support that will meet the caller where they are at in their recovery journey;
Ability to identify and convey relevant resources to callers when appropriate in a timely manner. Access to the internet and a computer is essential;
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (oral and written);
Ability to be calm and thoughtful if there is a serious threat of caller harming oneself or another. Demonstration of distress tolerance and crisis management skills;
General Microsoft Office proficiency; moderately proficient computer and internet skills; and specifically a knowledge of SmartPhone operation and technology and the ability to quickly learn mobile phone app to receive and initiate Warm Line calls.

Interested individuals may send a copy of their resume to Anisa Mustafa at amustafa@recoveryprograms.us.

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  • Maynard Gentry

    Hi Anisa my name is Maynard Gentry and I’m really interested in the warm line! I’ll send a copy of my resume. My life is hetic but I feel I’m fit for the warm line!

  • Dakota Wiser

    I am very interested in joining the warm line. I finished the peer recovery specialist class April 6, 2021. I have been clean and sober from heroin for going on 5 years. I will be sendly my resume your way asap. Thank you! – Dakota Wiser

  • Stephanie Goodwin

    I would love to join this company. I love in investing in helping people for whatever they need. I am a survivor of mental illness myself and have time to help other in need . This is my dream to help other ladies. I hope and pray that I can get accepted into this program. Thank you so much regardless of what may come. Ima absolutely available zany time of the day and night.

    Please take me into consideration! I have 2 kids if my own and would love to help people virtually, FaceTime. I have all the Time in the world to help those in need.

  • Stephanie Goodwin

    I would be interested in the warm line or any kind of virtual application 🙃 I’ve heard nothing but great things about this company and staff! I want to help in any way I can

  • Stephanie Goodwin

    I want to be a warm Line I could give them good advice and I’ve had a counselor myself who has guided me in the right direction to helping people and get into this kind of work she would reference me and she is qualified to do all kinds of things thank you please give me a call back