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How RPSV Came To Be

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Jerome Hughes was on the winning Titans high school football team living his dream. Coming from the inner city of Alexandria, Virginia in the time of desegregation, Jerome found it difficult to navigate the world around him. He dreamed of being a pro-football player so he could be a role model for other young African Americans. Life and personal choices changed the trajectory of Jerome’s dream and eventually, he found himself homeless. 

During his recovery, he found the Consumer Wellness Center where he forged a strong relationship with the organization’s Executive Director. He made such an impression on staff and participants that when the Director retired, Jerome was nominated to become the new leader of the Center. He happily accepted the challenge.

Lisa Goodwin grew up in an impoverished family. Instead of letting this hold her back, it filled her with vigor to overcome life’s challenges and succeed despite all odds. She was the first one in her family ever to go to college despite suffering from early-onset bipolar disorder, and eventually, alcoholism. These issues were challenging to overcome, but she succeeded! Lisa’s life challenges created a calling for her to help others like herself achieve recovery. She has a passion for peer work and works tirelessly to support those in recovery or in need of it. 

Lisa and Jerome met through the Northern Virginia Recovery community and eventually became a couple (and today they are raising a spirited eleven-year-old son named Jerome, Jr.). Due to their common lived experience with personal struggles and recovery, they decided to join forces and create Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia (RPSV).

RPSV is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping other adults with mental health, substance abuse, and homeless issues. RPSV supports your vision, helps you to overcome your challenges, encourages your independence and growth, and celebrates your success with a team of your peers. 

Beginning in July 2020, RPSV is excited to announce to begin our new blog! Learn more about mental health and recovery through our bi-weekly blogs. We will feature experts and peer specialists perspectives on the latest topics and keep you informed with what’s happening at RPSV. Join us as we not only survive but thrive in the journey to recovery.

~Kisanet W


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