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Remote Work and Mental Illness in Virginia: Are They Compatible? 

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The pandemic changed our lives drastically. For example, many of us now prefer to work from home — even just part-time — for a better work-life balance. Yet the stress that caused by the pandemic is also significantly impacting our mental health. Virginia currently ranks eighth in the nation when it comes to having the most adults experiencing mental distress. 
These facts pose one crucial question: are remote work and mental illness compatible? Much like how we at the RPSV discussed that self-employment with mental illness is possible, we argue that the answer here is an astounding yes — and give you a few ideas on remote work careers. 

How remote work benefits mental health: 

It provides job security 
In 2020, the Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism reported on the so-called coronavirus paradox of rural Virginia: though cases were low in rural areas, unemployment rates shot through the roof. Remote work serves to reach jobseekers far from urban centers at a time when local businesses continue to recover two years later. This job security can help ease the stress and anxiety caused by such precarious situations. 

It facilitates better work-life balance 
The World Health Organization lists poor work-life balance as a major cause of work-related stress — mostly because of the conflict it causes between fulfilling demands at work and home. Remote work gives you more flexibility over your schedule, so you can handle both a little easier. Working from home can provide you with more time to care for your children, pets, and yourself! With it, you can relax, recharge, and feel more prepared to tackle all your responsibilities head-on. 

It increases productivity 
Many remote jobs allow you to work within your own parameters. This means that often you can work in time periods that fit well with your other responsibilities. With that flexibility you have the power to be much more productive in your work. You also will not be distracted or stressed by office politics and commutes to the office. Overall, remote work — whether fully or part-time — can help you get into your best state of mind to work the best way you know how. 

The best careers for remote work in 2022 

If you are taking a mental health break from your usual job and want to earn some extra money on the side, this is a simple job you can take on. Here, you simply work for various clients that wish to have some audio clips converted into written form. You are usually given a deadline — but between that and the assigned projects, your working hours are entirely up to you. 

Nurse practitioner 
If you are a licensed nurse practitioner, you may be looking to get away from the hospital for a while due to your mental health. Aside from the usual flexibility offered by remote work, you can also cater to more patients. Nurse practitioner jobs in Virginia are aplenty now, and you can treat patients across state lines and even international borders. Remote jobs for nurse practitioners can include working in telemedicine or as a consultant. You will even provide proactive healthcare and help lower hospital loads by proactively assisting potential patients. 

Similarly, licensed accountants can make a living doing freelance consultations. Practically every organization — public and private — needs sound financial advice, so there is a lot of demand for remote accountants nowadays. In this role, you can help maintain financial records and help both businesses and individuals with their tax returns. With today’s advanced communication technology, all of this is can be accomplished remotely. 

Software developer 
InfoWorld reports that the demand for software developers doubled in 2021, and remote roles make up a significant chunk of this demand. You can take advantage of this even without a degree. All you need is a good grasp of popular programming languages like Python and Java, which you can earn through online courses (some of them free). Prior experience earned from completing independent projects in the past will help, too. 
Mental illness can be challenging, especially amid the pandemic. Remote work can make it easier to continue sustaining yourself and your wellbeing moving forward. You just need the confidence to take the plunge, and your mental health will thank you for it later. 

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