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How to Make Ends Meet as a Person in Recovery  

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As a person in recovery, making ends meet while you look for a job is not always easy. Luckily, there are ways to make it happen. Here are some tips that can help you cover your expenses while you are searching for a job that will meet your long-term needs. 

Use Local Resources to Get Help 

If you’re struggling to make ends meet as a person in recovery, turning to local resources is a smart move. There are programs available that can assist you, including providing you with access to critical tools and support systems, as well as financial assistance in various forms. 

 Government programs are available to most people below a certain income threshold to assist with housing, gas, utilities, groceries, and more. Contact your local social services department to learn more about these programs or drop by any of our 5 recovery centers and our staff can help you to apply for government assistance.  

Explore Side Gigs 

Side gigs let you bring in some income on your terms. You can focus on skill areas, work hours, and job types that align with your skills. Plus, you will maintain a level of flexibility, something that could be crucial if you want to prioritize your recovery. 

Exactly what kind of side gig may work best for you does depend on your skillset. Some options that could be worth exploring include: 

  • Delivery Driver 
  • Freelance Writer 

In most cases, people view side gigs as supplements to a regular job. However, many of the positions can also provide you with a solid income.  

If you decide to turn your side hustle into a full-time job, you will need to consider the different business structures available to you. Many small business owners choose to incorporate, as this avenue provides protection from legal liabilities while providing certain tax advantages. Each state has different requirements and regulations, so make sure you do plenty of research. You will also want to look into an accounting software solution to keep your books. This will help keep your business in sound financial shape. 

Boost Your Job Search 

Since your ultimate goal is to land a long-term position, taking steps to boost your job search results is a smart move. One way to begin is to make sure you have a top-notch resume. If you work with a resume writing professional, they will be able to update the content and customize your resume based on your industry and needs.  

Another step you can take is working with a staffing agency. You will get guidance from a recruiter, as well as access to a wide array of jobs with a single application. Plus, there are numerous hiring options. There are temporary jobs that can help you acclimate to working, making it possible to make a living while prioritizing your recovery. You may also find temp-to-hire and direct placement options. You will be able to focus on arrangements that best meet your needs, ensuring your first job can serve as the start to an exciting career. 

Keep Your Recovery a Priority 

Prioritizing your recovery is essential. Make sure to check in with yourself regularly. Assess your mental, emotional, and physical state, and be honest with yourself if you are struggling. Do not be afraid to access support services that are available to you and ask for help whenever you need it. 

RPSV offers completely free support groups every Monday through Saturday, as well as a one-on-one support line where you can talk to someone if you are feeling uneasy. It is incredibly normal to have difficulties in recovery or to relapse, so please do not be afraid to ask for help.  

Aim to avoid triggering situations. If that means bypassing a particular job opportunity because it could put your recovery at risk, that is okay. There are many jobs out there, so wait for one that will help you meet your financial goals while remaining in recovery. 

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